Quentina Banks



I am a 36 year old Single mother of 5 wonderful children, 3 boys and 2 girls. I grew up in Foster Care myself as a child and know the exact hardships that young children and teens can experience, and go through in the system, and I am here to help those certain individuals, that come my way to get through those experiences just a little bit more easier than doing it alone or feeling like they are alone. I can’t express more sympathy for these children/ young teens more than the experiences I have had personally within the system as a child, and young adult. I have always had a passion and care to have a big family, and help these children in the system given I know first hand the thoughts that may go through their minds on a daily Basis, which makes their lives at times that much harder to deal with given the lack of understanding of why they are in this unfortunate situation. I would just like to help those that I can to have a better outlook on life, and know that they are more than what they have went through and that those obstacles do not Define the young growing individuals that they are.




Personal Cell (626)500-3852

Email: banksquentina@ymail.com